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Establish Quality Assurance Lab at AITI-KACE Facility in Accra

The ISO-based Software Quality Assurance Lab is established in Accra isto test e-governance applications and IT products & services developed in Ghana and the sub-region. This initiative is in-line with Ghana’s ICT4AD policy to promote the software industry in Ghana to compete on a global stage through the development of quality software products and services. Under this project, AITI-KACE is installing cutting-edge testing tools and software to carry out software testing services and generate high quality standard testing report(s) based on ISO and international standards to aid Ghana Standards Board in its standardization and certifications efforts in the ICT and e-Governance sector.


Expected outcomes will include:


Deployment of required equipment, hardware and software configured and ready for use. This includes securing the research facility both physically and virtually to ensure confidentiality of testing reports and secure testing environment.

Development of software and e-governance standards – Testing Experts will work in collaboration with other stakeholders including the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) to develop software and e-governance standards for Ghana

ISO Certification - Develop all processes and quality assurance documentations leading to the ISO 9001 Certifications and certify Testing Experts.



All required equipment and tools have been identified with support from CDAC and STQC1 Meeting with Key domain experts from CDAC has been done. International Standards Organisation registration preparations and training is expected to commence in August, 2019. Procurement of equipment and tools have commenced.

1Standardization Testing and Quality Certification, Directorate at the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, India.