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This course is designed for the youth to introduce them early enough into the world of programming, to engage their minds in critical thinking and prepare them for an increasingly tech-driven world. The world is evolving and technology is developing at a very fast rate. Coding is no longer a privilege for only the elite. It has become a vital skill for everybody to learn, adults and kids alike. 

Teaching children how to code, especially from an early age, opens up an entire world of opportunities for them to thrive and succeed. 

It also setsthem up for career opportunities later on in life and provides a host of soft skills benefits.

Course Objectives

  • Boosts their creativity
  • Improves their mathematical and computational skills
  • Builds their confidence in problem-solving
  • Enhances academic writing performance
  • Improves their confidence and communication skills


  • Scratch
  • Python
  • Robotics
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Target group:

  • Ages 10-13 years
  •          11-17years


  • GHS 350/course

Let coding become your child’s hobby and see how smart they will become among their peers.

Click on the link  to register your child. Or call on 0556660355 for inquiries