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Pink Week 2022
24th Oct- 28th Oct 2022

The pink week celebration is in support of the global effort to create awareness about breast cancer, support breast cancer patients, and promote early detection and treatment. Through the ‘Pink Week’ initiative, the Centre seeks to encourage stakeholders, staff and students to undertake activities with the shared goal of reducing breast cancer by 2.5 percent per year.
It is important to self-examine your breasts.
Advisable for men and women to get their mammography done.
Know that “Early detection is the key to prevention.”
Let us meet on Monday 24th – Friday 28th of October 2022at GI-KACE for the PINK WEEK CELEBRATION 2022 live at the Centre.

Free Breast Cancer Screening on Wed., 26th Oct and Fri., 28th Oct 2022.
The General Public is invited.