Research and Innovation

The Directorate for Research and Innovation (DRI) at AITI-KACE is one of the new departments created as part of re-positioning the Centre to be a world class research and innovation institution for the design, development and deployment of world class ICT and electronics solutions for individual and institutional advancement. Part of the strategy is to create a network of Faculties, Research Centres, Researchers and connect with industry to enable staff and students to scale-up research-led ideas into real-world solutions and working technologies aimed at improving the advancement of individuals, institutions and the country.

The mission of DRI is to prevent promising innovations from falling into the “valley of death” - the critical gap between government and university-funded research and industry-led development and commercialization. DRI will provide support to a large group of early-stage innovative SMEs and support businesses that have the chance to produce new products or services. Initial focal areas for DRI on products and services will be software development; software quality assurance; embedded systems and VLSI; and cloud computing technologies.

DRI Research Labs will engage academia, professional associations, industry standards bodies, customers and partners to explore novel products and emerging technologies.

Focal Area